The File Factory designs new bespoke printed folders for The Harley Street Fertility Clinic

The File Factory was recently asked by The Harley Street Fertility Clinic, Harley Street, London, W1, to design and manufacture a new working medical folder for the clinic.

Through a series of consultation meetings, we came up with a new working file that incorporated bespoke printing on the front.

Internally we designed a 10-part printed sectional divider set, held in place with a Plastic Medi-Clip. This then allows the clinic to divide all its client’s confidential paperwork into sectional divisions for ease of access by its staff.

The clinic also added a white File-Fix Clip for the secure location of additional loose paperwork and a clear plastic pocket in the back cover to retain miscellaneous papers.

As the clinic utilises colour coded labelling systems for indexing all of its clients files we added an 8” tab to the end of the file thus allowing the file to be easily accessed when placed on a shelf within the clinics filling system

To assist the clinic The File Factory offered to hold stock free of charge in its Northamptonshire warehouse, available for call offs in lots of 250 as and when requested by the clinic.